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3M Sterilisation
3M Sterilisation
3M Sterilisation
3M Sterilisation
CAT Homogenisers
CAT Overhead Stirrers
CAT Magnetic Hotplate  Stirrers
CAT Mixers & Shakers
CAT Roller Mixers
CAT Magnetic Stirrers
CAT Vortex Mixers
CAT Liquid Handling
CAT Multi-function cell counters
Clifton Digital Stirred Waterbaths
Clifton Stirred Waterbaths
Clifton Digital Unstirred Waterbaths
Clifton Analogue Unstirred Waterbaths
Clifton Boiling Baths
Clifton Ultrsonic Cleaning Baths
Clifton Shaking Waterbaths
Clifton Duobaths
Clifton Clear Stirred Waterbaths
Clifton Fan Assisted Drying Ovens
Clifton Fan Assisted Incubators
Clifton Centrifuges
Clifton Hotplates
Bath Armour Beads
Clifton Hotplate Stirrers
Clifton Vortex Mixers
Clifton Rotary Mixers
Clifton Rotary Mixers
Laboratory Metalware

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